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As a marketing enthusiast, I have honed my craft in Argentina and now continue my journey at Budapest Business School, specialising in online marketing.

My mission is clear, to deliver unbeatable value by focusing on paid advertising and being the best at it.

 Expertise and professionalism define Ad-Fuse.

Alan Boscatto, Founder

Each man is capable of doing one thing well. If he attempts several, he will fail to achieve distinction in any.

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How our journey began

We’ve all seen them – agencies promising everything under the sun, from social media management to email marketing to… website design? The truth is, spreading yourself too thin often leads to mediocrity across the board.

This frustration sparked our vision. We knew there was a better way: a focus on proven strategies and genuine expertise.

This is where Ad-Fuse comes in. We specialize in the two pillars of online success – paid advertising that drives qualified leads and high-converting website design that turns visitors into leads.



We fuel business growth by crafting data-driven paid advertising campaigns that deliver exceptional results and maximize return on investment for our clients.


To be the premier paid advertising agency, recognized for our expertise in scaling businesses through targeted campaigns and generating the highest possible ROI for every client we serve.

Meet Our A team

A team dedicated to elevating your company’s digital success.

Alan Boscatto


Anna Vágási Kovács

Project Manager

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